International Atomic Energy Agency hits by an unknown malware

The computers of the IAEA have been infected by a malware.The nuclear agency holds sensitive information from many European states and is an active actor in the fight against Nuclear weapons. It appears that the malicious software once installed was able to transfer information from USB drive of any visitors to the office in Vienna. Though the thumb drive was not a vector, but the victim in this infection.

Fighting Cybercrime

Microsoft Digital crime unit has introduced a cloud based technology to help organizations worldwide to fight against malware. It is a technology called Windows Azure-based Cyber Threat Intelligence Program (C-TIP) that will allow the interested parties to share information on real time. But Microsoft advises to use the Malicious Software Removal Tool to clean infected computers. The new C-TIP takes this effort to a new level.

Computer Time and Digital certificate

After restarting my computer today, It reset the time automatically to an outdated one. Eager I was to check my Gmail and Facebook account, while entering the URL in the browser I got the following errors : The certificate will not be valid until 5/18/12 3:00 AM. The current time is 1/1/01 8:44 PM.
(Error code: sec_error_expired_issuer_certificate).
My machine had the 1/1/01 set as date meaning that many  webservers could not authenticate to my web browser because of an outdated time leading to an expired certificates. The only way to fix it was to adjust the time accordingly and there I enjoyed my Facebook again and again.