HOME DEPOT is a big box retailer in the USA. It suffered from a security breach that affected 56 millions payment cards. The malware used in the attack is most likely to have been used in others attack. Briankrebs who reported the attack suggests that the BlackPOS malware which was used againt  TARGET  was alsoContinue reading “HOME DEPOT BREACH”

Malware Sample Sources

Malware researchers need to test their skills and develop defense with real specimen. They can collect malwares sample from honeypot or download those from URL sources. The following sites can be resourceful: Contagio Malware Dump (Mobile Malware) Kernelmode.info Malshare Malware.lu AVcaesar MalwareBlacklist Malwr Open Malware SecuBox Labs Virusign VirusShare TheZoo /Malware DB ZeuS Tracker MalwareBazaar

French manufacturer LaCie admits data breah

LaCie is a french manufacturer of  hard drive. It was a victim of a security breach and obviously sent notifications to customers about the incident . The breach was detected by the FBI on March 19,2014 which forwarded the alarm. A malware was used to gain access to customer’s transactions made between March 27,2013 andContinue reading “French manufacturer LaCie admits data breah”

Ukraine , target of Snake or Uroburo malware

A dangerous cyber weapon has infected many computers in Ukraine in 2014. It is a spyware designed to steal sensitive secret information from high potential networks . Experts believe that this rootkit has been undetected for more than three years. Due to the complexity and the estimated high cost of this malware, G Data theContinue reading “Ukraine , target of Snake or Uroburo malware”

Kaspersky uncovered Mask malware

A big cyber espionage has been uncovered by Kaspersky Lab. A multiplatform malware named Mask (Aka Careto) was used to target victims since 2007. It was a real nation-state spying tool. Infections have been observed in many countries among those France, Germany, Morocco, United States and Venezuela… The detection name to look for is Trojan.Win32/Win64.Careto.*Continue reading “Kaspersky uncovered Mask malware”