Hackers targeted Finland for years


Finland has been a target of a cyber espionage for years. The minister of foreign affairs Erkki Tuomioja has admitted : I can confirm there has been a severe and large hacking in the ministry’s data network.” The intrusion has not been discovered by the finns themselves, but by another agency reporting to CERT-FI . The malicious code use by the cybercrook is similar to the Red October malware source code . The malware was implanted in the finnish ministry of Foreign affairs network for years during the spying campaign. The actor of this crime is unknown, but the finnish television MTV3 is suspecting Russia or China.

Avira Antivirus Site hacked…

The German software company is experiencing an intrusion. The web page has been hacked by palestinian hackers called KDMS as seen in the picture below.  The two messages put by the attacker does still remain, the first message :” Long live Palestine” and the second message ” There is no full security”. Let see how Avira will bypass it, the page is still Pwned


Adobe Breach

Adobe as usual has been hacked,  customers information and source code stolen.

How did they get in? It obviously appears that they use a vulnerability in Coldfusion as the attack vector this time to breach an adobe site used for payment processing.

What can I do as A coldfusion user? Just patch..

Do I need to reset my password? No, Adobe is taking care of that, concerned customers will get email notifications.