A Standard for Incident response

Businesses are using the latest protection for their Infrastructure but are still facing threats. Once the breach has been discovered there are many steps to follow in order to keep the continuity of the operations, this process is called Incident response. Incident response is the set of actions and rules to follow in front ofContinue reading “A Standard for Incident response”

Cloud Computing Security

National Institute of standard and technology has defined Cloud computing as  ”a model for enabling ubiquitous,convenient,on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources(e.g. networks,servers,storage,applications and services.) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction”. The service model consists of Infrastructure as a service (Iaas),Platform asContinue reading “Cloud Computing Security”

A small Look at FLAME , SKYWIPER

The security community has been tuned this week with the discovery of a new malware, Flame. It is a cyber weapon from the same family with Stuxnet and Duqu. Flame is a backdoor with 3000 lines of codes making it too difficult to be analyzed. It is a backdoor , a Trojan with worm capabilities.Continue reading “A small Look at FLAME , SKYWIPER”

Typosquatting and Doppelganger

Typosquatting is the typographical error made by internet users when inputting a web address into a browser. As a result, the URL request is redirected to the domain that mimics the one the user really wants to access. Then appears the so called doppelganger domains, which are spelled identical to the legitimate domains  but differContinue reading “Typosquatting and Doppelganger”